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Professional Copywriting

Engage powerfully with your most important communities. Write the best version of what you do and who you are. Professional copywriting is about making every word count.

Make every word count.

Creative and Professional Copywriting


A passionate creative writer, professional technologist and experienced company director.

Currently completing honours at UWA, Mike received his Bachelor’s Degree in English and Creative Writing at Murdoch University (2020).

His ambition is to write a best selling science fiction novel that gets turned into a blockbuster movie. In the meantime, he is happy to assist you tell the best story you can about what it is that you do.

Formerly – Logitech International, Telstra, and CSIRO spinout Windlab. Mike also led the team that listed technology startup HotCopper onto the ASX (1999). 


An experienced and skilled writer who loves working with creative fiction and nonfiction. 

Currently completing a Bachelor’s Degree in English & Creative Writing, Rory spends xyr time looking for the best ways to communicate in the written word. Xe is focused on using the right grammar and language to get information across in the most understandable and succinct way possible. 

Rory has been publishing short fiction and essays online since 2014, and started working in the field of editing and copywriting in 2018. In between short stories xe is plugging away at longer projects, but loves to take the chance to work on stories of the real world and get at the guts of how to tell yours.


Passionate about politics, law and what it takes to govern and operate corporate entities.

Currently completing their LLB + BA majoring in Global Politics and Policy at Murdoch University, Ashleigh imagines contributing to legislative change in matters that affect society, especially the environment and the vulnerable. Ashleigh’s love of corporate law, digital publishing and technology meant she was a perfect fit for Plastic Words.

Ashleigh leads our grant management and administration processes to make sure that Plastic Words is a well oiled machine.

Ethical Copywriting

Committed to inclusive language and advocating for modern language evolution. We are keen to contribute our skills to worthy causes for as close to free as possible. We’re grateful to contribute where we can. 

  • Web content and corporate copywriting strategy
  • Online creative workshops
  • Professional writers looking to do good
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Copywriting Projects We Love

Projects that require tech-savvy and qualified writers in virtual spaces. Specialising in updating website copy, making your news and blog posts succinct and easy to read, and refining your message to say exactly what you need it to. We will scrutinise every piece of text and make sure the message is on point for its target audience.

  • Professional writing
  • Creative editing
  • Web page reconstruction
  • Website integration
  • Digital strategies

Tech Savvy Copywriters

We love technology and exploring new ways to create in the digital workspace.

  • Word processing platforms, online grammar tools, and great text editors.
  • Using remote work technology, video conferencing,  and asynchronous writing teams.
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