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Who are Plastic Words? A team of professional writers and editors creating strategic digital assets for big-thinking organisations. We’ll immerse ourselves in your business and discover the story that best projects who you are, what you do, and why people should engage with you. We get under the hood to see how everything works. We’ll review your customer-facing materials, including websites, social media, and communications.

Mike Vallender _the Captain

Mike is a professional technologist, experienced company director, and passionate creative writer.

Formerly – Regional Sales Manager at Logitech International, Sales Specialist at Telstra, and CEO at CSIRO spinout Windlab. Mike led the team that listed technology startup HotCopper onto the ASX as CEO (1999). Throughout his corporate journey, he has witnessed firsthand the need for better writing in the world of business. Plastic Words was created by Mike to provide this service.

Now established after a life blessed with amazing work, his ambition is to help young creatives provide value to the world. Having recently undertaken his honours in English and Creative Writing, he came into contact with several bright sparks who fit the bill. First he met Rory in a writing class and recognised in the young student a natural talent for the written word that he had rarely seen before. Next, he discovered Ashleigh in a politics class and was amazed by her ability to learn faster than everyone else in the room. When Christian was introduced by a former colleague, Mike knew that Plastic Words had to have him; in no time Christian was established as the surgeon in the team. Christian then introduced Mike to Tim for his accomplished skills in website design and his photographer-eye.

With this team of independent thinkers and conscientious writers, Mike thinks that he won’t need to lead Plastic Words for long. His dream is to eventually step back and write a best selling science fiction novel that’s turned into a blockbuster movie. In the meantime, he is happy to assist you tell the best story you can about what it is that you do.

Ashleigh Taylor _the First Mate

An accomplished project lead, Ashleigh is fascinated by politics, law, and what it takes to govern and operate corporate entities.

Currently completing their LLB + BA majoring in Global Politics and Policy, Ashleigh is working toward legislative change in matters that affect the environment and the vulnerable. Ashleigh’s love of corporate law, digital publishing, and technology meant she was a perfect fit for Plastic Words. Ashleigh leads our grant management and administration processes to make sure that Plastic Words is a well oiled machine.

Rory Banks _the Communications Officer

Rory is an experienced and skilled writer who loves working with creative fiction and nonfiction.

Currently completing a Bachelor’s Degree in English & Creative Writing, Rory spends a great deal of time honing xir skills looking for the best ways to communicate in the written word. Xe is focused on using the right grammar and language to get information across in the most understandable and succinct way possible.

Rory has been publishing short fiction and essays online since 2014, and started working in the field of editing and copywriting in 2018. In between short stories xe is plugging away at longer projects, but loves to take the chance to work on stories of the real world and get at the guts of how to tell yours.

Christian Mauri _the Surgeon

An internationally published academic turned small business owner.

Dr. Mauri has worked as a researcher at several international universities in the areas of sociology, higher education, and human factors. Thanks to his talent for replacing technical jargon with clear prose, his numerous international publications continue to be cited by academics and practitioners around the world. This includes work with applications to defence and industry, where clear and concise communication to personnel is the top priority.

Leaving higher education in 2020, Christian founded Family Tales to help families and businesses share their stories with loved ones and stakeholders. The resulting books - along with Christian's prolific public work - brought a hail of media attention and speaking invitations. It was the reputation around this creative work that attracted an invitation to join the Plastic Words team.

Tim Robinson _the Digital Architect

Tim started his career in corporate insolvency and restructuring. However, after much travelling and study, he fell in love with software development and graphic design. Tim now spends his days moving between VS Code and Photoshop, equally obsessed with both the perfect gradient and the elegance of semantic markup. He joined the Plastic Words team after meeting Christian through the Fremantle chess community.

Tim has also developed a rich creative life through photography and fiction writing. Already having completed a few novels and photography books. In September 2021, he relocated to Tasmania to pursue the research and writing of his third novel, Where Will All The Flowers Grow. He joins our team meetings from beautiful Hobart.

Tim studied at the University of Sydney and Curtin University in Perth. He holds degrees in philosophy, English, accounting, and finance. He’s also a long-time student of Vipassana meditation. If you’re in a National Geographic mood, please visit Tim’s personal website to view his photographs: timothyrobinson.net

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